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Bone Densitometers

Several methods are available to measure bone density, but currently the most widely used technique is DEXA (Dual Energy Xray Absorptiometry). This is the method used to determine efficacy in the recent large clinical trials, and to characterize fracture risk in large epidemiological studies. Older methods such as single photon absorptiometry do not predict hip fractures as well as DEXA. Three leading companies manufacture these densitometers: GE, Hologic, and Norland.

Castle Medical Solutions refurbishes DEXA systems to LIKE NEW CONDITION. The refurbish process we employ ensures each piece of equipment goes through the exact same processes each and every time, creating "like new" equipment at prices that fit into our customers budgets. We need you and your equipment to be successful and will do whatever it takes to ensure it. Our turnkey solutions include installation and setup, as well as, training.

GE Lunar DPX Bravo
GE Lunar Achilles Express
GE Lunar Prodigy
GE Lunar Prodigy Pro

Hologic Delphi C
Hologic Discovery C
Hologic QDR 4500
Hologic Sahara

Norland Apollo Portable Heel
Norland Eclipse
Norland Excell
Norland XR36
GE Lunar Prodigy

Image of Lunar Prodigy

Hologic QDR
Image of Hologic QDR