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Philips Brilliance 16

Image of Philips Brilliance 16
  • Accelerator 800 Mbit/second Ultrahigh speed multi-slice data acquisition system
  • 16-slice acquisition mode - 16 x 0.75mm, 16 x 1.5mm, 8 x 3mm, 4x6 mm,2x0.6 mm scanning.
  • 0.42 second scan time for 360 degree scan
  • 10 images/second reconstruction time for large field of view, 512 x 512 images
  • 6.5 M.H.U. high power X-ray tube
  • Dynamic Focus System (DFS)
  • Spatial resolution, in axial and spiral scanning
  • Dose Right automatic current selection and Dose Right dose modulation
  • Gantry and table controls located on both sides of the gantry and on the operator console
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