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Digital mammograms are the same as the analog mammogram for the patient, except that it takes about half the time. The digital nature of the mammogram allows the image to be viewed on a monitor or printed in high resolution. Digital mammography offers the advantages of electronic film archiving, faster results, fewer patient call backs and more shades of gray for analysis.
Today the breast imaging suite demands the best possible digital mammography image, the lowest possible dose, and the most flexible tools for the technologist.
Digital mammography systems are designed to meet this demand, delivering exceptional sharp, digital images, with excellent contrast and consistency.

CMS offers both, analog and digital system solutions. Regardless of the system technology, the equipment we provide is tested, calibrated and refurbished to meet and exceed your requirements and expectations. Our experienced sales and technical staff will help you purchase a system that suits your clinical requirements, as well as your budget.

Image of Aquilion 64 CT Scanner Image of Sensation 40 CT Scanner