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Carestream Elite

Image of Carestream Elite
The DIRECTVIEW Elite CR System is designed for distributed and central CR applications where image quality, rapid image availability, lower costs and high departmental productivity are paramount.
  • Produces high quality images with a footprint that is compact enough to be placed in an x-ray room or control console room.
  • Processes medium-to-high image volumes for hospitals, imaging centers, clinics and large general private practices.
  • Offers three Workflow and Image Viewing (WAIV) console configurations.
  • Provides mammography imaging option along with DICOM and IHE functionality and connectivity.
  • Improves compatibility across multiple "up" and "downstream" networked devices. Excellent Image Quality and Speed
  • Meets high-volume workflows with cycle times of up to 90 plates per hour for 35 x 43 cm cassettes.
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