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Siemens Sonoline G50

Image of Siemens Sonoline G50
  • Shared services
  • C5-2 convex array
  • P4-2 Cardiac Array Probe
  • VF13-5 Linear array Probe
  • Abdominal
  • Cardiac
  • Vascular (C-Vas, P-Vas, Venous)
  • Early Obstetrics
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Small Parts (Breast, Testicle, Thyroid)
  • Orthopedics
  • Urology (Prostate)
  • Cranial
  • Surgery
  • New generation, all-digital technology preserves signal integrity of ultrasound information throughout the entire signal path.
  • Small footprint of the light-weight system allows it to fit easily into any exam area
  • Fully optimized system presets enable better results with less effort
  • Rapid transition time lets users move quickly between modes and functions.
  • Complete exam data can be instantly recalled on the system with a simple menu selection.
  • Removable, standard 3.5-inch 640 MB magneto-optical disk
  • Internal 40 GB Hard Drive for patient database management
  • Removable 650 MB read/write CD-R
  • Two universal array transducer ports
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging is a standard feature to enhance visualization, particularly in difficult-to-image patients, through improved tissue resolution and reduced image noise
  • AutoColor technology allows single-step optimization of color Doppler imaging to help reduce exam time
  • Directional Power Doppler combines the sensitivity of power Doppler imaging with directional flow information
P/N 08659281
07851616 Board Type:A25 MTHR 2H400418-3 REV
P/N 07851657 Board Type:A403-3 RX32 REV.2
P/N 07851699 Board Type:A36 PSEL REV.2
P/N 07851566 Board Type:A56 CFPR REV.2
P/N PSB61A06 REV.05 437 0992367181 A03
P/N 10029967 Board Type(A10)OPCT2 REV.4
P/N 07478824 Board Type:A03 SWRG REV
P/N 07851841 Board Type:A66DTPS REV.3
P/N 07851665 Board Type:A40 PAMP REV.3
07842102 Board Type:A48 BWPP REV.ASI CMEM
P/N 07851590 Board Type:A51 CMEM REV
Board Type:UP-MKT16-A N510509-2
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